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Photo Essays

Hyderabad and Delhi are two very important vantage points to observe the Islamic celebrations, because, to put it simply, the former has been the Nizam dynasty’s seat and the later has been the pivot of Mughal India. This Eid, Ethereal Colours, brings to you an exclusive collection of photographs straight from the streets of Hyderabad and Delhi, where festivities blossomed in the evenings, prior to the Iftar, throughout the holy month! See more
Primarily associated with the Tantric Shakti cult of worship, Ambubachi celebrates the menstruation period of Goddess Kamakhya. The gateways of the holy Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati remain closed for three days while lakhs of believers chant words from Holy Sciptures, musing on life's journey, singing devotional sings and holding religious discourses outside the gate. The gates are opened on the fourth day, for a 'darshan' of the Devi. See more
North-East India is just like a treasure trove- you go digging deep and then suddenly, out of the blue you find something as astonishing as you have never seen before. The picturesque landscapes, the virgin rain-forests, the torrential rains in the monsoon, the unique flora and fauna, everything together weave a land that not only appears to be just out of a Hollywood sci-fi, but is plain mesmerizing. One such place is Mawlynnong in Meghalaya, which is dubbed as Asia's cleanest village by a popular travel magazine. Read on to find out more about this place located in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, just a few hours drive away from the Bangladesh border. See more
We travelled through the interiors of Odisha to know more about the heritage art forms of the state.Pothichitra is a traditional art-form of Odisha in which the artists use palm leaves-processed, tied and sewed together- instead of a paper, while Pattachitra uses old sarees for making canvas. We met up with artists, who helped us completely understand the intricacies involved in the production and marketing of these paintings. Read on to know more about Pothichitra and Pattachitra, and the simple artisans from the villages of Nayak Patna and Raghurajpur who create these magnificent pieces of art. See more
Situated in Chapakulam, Kerala, there is a 90 years old workshop headed by a man named K.K. Chacko. They sculpt statues and images for Gods and Goddesses, with superior artistic finesse and technical expertise. In other words, they make Gods in God’s Own Country. See more