Meghalaya Alive!

I travelled to the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya in back in 2012. At that time, it was monsoon and here I was in wettest region on the earth. It was a world completely different from the one I live in. Not only was it green all around but there was also an exemplary amalgamation of the true beauty that nature has to offer and human lives. I then knew that I will come back and keep coming back here.

Last month, I got a chance to go there again and live a few days in some of the most remote places within the Khasi Hills. When you are out there in the open, the rulebook of society becomes irrelevant and you inch closer to self discovery.

Go Delhi Go | Hyperlapse

It’s been exactly a year that I moved to Delhi from Bangalore. But all this time, I never really got a chance to go out and fall in love with the city until lately. Last one month was spent making this video. From the ancient city of Indraprastha to the seven cities during Muslim rule and now to the Lutyen’s Delhi, Delhi has seen thousands of years of being a capital. And years form now, no matter how we humans do as a species, Delhi will remain alive in some form.

5000 photos went into creating this film.


Joy paints itself on everything, as the Holi hues spread across Braj, India. Though a widely celebrated festival throughout the country, Holi celebrations are unmatched here, spanning upto 10 days. The air is alive with abir and gulal, folk songs from the bards and happiness.
Come to Braj on Holi, and get sketched in the colors of life.

Holi from ETHEREAL COLOURS on Vimeo.

Skateboarding Hyderabad – Teaser

Skateboarding is not something you see everyday on Indian streets. With not many avenues for skateboarding yet, this tricky sport depends all on an individuals effort and love for the sport.

Skateboarding can be your most easily available passport to thrill. Just the board under your feet and a balance of your body, and there you are wheezing past the streets in all glory.

Meet Adnan and Zubair, teenagers who have began living their skateboarding dreams on the streets of Hyderabad and honing their skills to become master skateboarders someday.


Kumbh is the largest gathering of human beings for a single purpose. A short video shot on the Paush Snan at Mahakumbh 2013.