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Ethereal is about exploring and filming some of the larger, meaningful, and important questions about life and humans

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Well, there is no we. Ethereal is run by just one guy and that’s me - Ayush Dinker. Pretty much everything from creating films on YouTube to creating this website is handled by me. I know right?
I am a self-learned filmmaker based in India. Over the last few years as a professional filmmaker, I have provided/created content for American Express, Weather Channel, National Geographic, The Ford Motor Company, Museum of Tomorrow - Rio Brazil, WNET New York, Duke University, Uber, Aadhar, Google, Meghalaya Tourism, Hindustan Times, Times of India, ITC Aashirvaad, Urbanclap, Teabox, QuantSolar, Outlook, Doordarshan, Royal Enfield, Mumbai Indians, IIT Kanpur, Nayara Energy, Tata Motors, Sahapedia, Dharma Productions and Discovery Channel among others.
But my heart lies in telling stories around the human conditions on Ethereal. I have been fortunate that some fellow humans joined this journey to help me create content on the YouTube channel


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