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Creating quality content involves months of research, days and weeks involving travel, a set of contemporary camera and editing equipment, people who make all this happen, monetarily compensating different stakeholders, and most importantly, time. This means that a good amount of budget is required for each of our films. We want to create more films for you - our audience! The videos we create on YouTube are available to watch without any fee.

Here, you are invited to be a part of our community. Our members receive regular discussions on our own films as well as other films that we loved, behind-the-scenes posts, pro tips on filmmaking, wallpapers and much more.

Ethereal is a non-fiction storytelling enterprise dedicated to extraordinary new-age storytelling. It's time to dig deep, get inspired by this beautiful world in a whole new way. 



This will be a monthly amount which we will receive from you. We would prefer this because it helps us keep a track of our expenses and lets us plan our films and devote our time and energy to actually create what we love.

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Starts with USD 1

Pay using Debit/Credit cards, Paypal

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We understand that not everyone is comfortable with the subscription option. Or maybe you've just come to know about us and are not sure about going for the subscription. You can make a one-time payment (as many times as you want). 

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Starts with INR 50

Pay using UPI, Net Banking, Wallets, Cards

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